5 Traits You Will Want In the People Around You In  A Crisis

For some people, the automatic reaction to a bone-jarring shock or fearsome event is to retreat or hunker down alone.  While that is a very normal initial response, research supports that isolation during a crisis, is associated with significantly worse outcomes than those who chose to  to others. Resist the urge to handle the crisis by yourself.  Pull people into your life who will support you. You probably will not be operating optimally during the initial shock. Having other people around who will can be vital. As the crisis continues, having friends, family and others who can help you navigate the many obstacles, hold onto your hope, remind you of who you really are, despite how you may currently feel, give wise advice, or help you think through important decisions is invaluable. Based on personal and professional experience, there are five characteristics that seem to be most helpful to have around you, when finding your way through a serious life upset. Pick the ones that resonate with you  and then start making a list of those people who naturally exude that trait. Don’t expect to find all five in one person but if you do, you’re lucky!   Supportive in the ways you need: Most of the people who show up to help in a crisis will want to be helpful to you. Unfortuntely, their idea of how to help may not match your own. Do you need someone to get stuff done around the house, take care of logistics? Then having someone who wants to just hug you and talk about how awful it may not be what...

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